If you send a free message through a free sms what happens when they reply?

SMS text messages are still useful! These texting websites will let you send SMS messages from your computer for free.Easily send a text message to any phone in the United States, free of charge, regardless of where you live. You will get the responses in ...

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What happens when you send a sms?

How Does SMS Work? When you send a text message, it first goes to a nearby cellular tower over a pathway called the control channel, and then into an SMS center (SMSC). ... SMS also sends data associated with the message, including the length of the message, format, time stamp, and destination.

Do you get charged for SMS text messages?

SMS fees are pure profit for the cellular carriers. They're basically free for carriers to send, but they can often cost ten cents or more per message.

Can free SMS be traced?

Cellphone service providers are required by law to keep text message records. Text messages received on cellphones via the computer are placed into an inbox. The person receiving the message can ask their cellphone provider to trace where the message originated from.

Can anyone see your SMS messages?

SMS messages aren't encrypted, meaning the contents of each text message are viewable to mobile carriers and governments, and can even be intercepted by organized and semi-skilled hackers. That means even if you're using SMS to secure your online accounts using two-factor authentication, your codes can be stolen.

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How do i send a group text with no reply?

A group text without reply all is a no-reply or “BCC” text message. Unlike standard group texts on iPhone and Android, a group text without reply all is a mass text sent individually to multiple people. When a person responds to the text, their reply starts a separate text thread.

How to reply to a text message?

In order to reply to a specific message, open up your texts and find the text you want to reply to. Next, touch and hold the message itself until a bubble appears with options. Select: Reply.

How do i reply to a specific message in a thread?

Just long-press on the desired message, then tap on "Reply" and write your reply. That's it! Your reply will appear at the bottom of the conversation with a link to the message you replied to.

What does a question mark mean in a text message?

It usually means that they asked a question that you never replied to. For example if I ask “Are you coming over?” And I don't get a reply after a reasonable time frame I'll send a question mark by itself just to remind the person to reply, usually if I don't get a reply back I get the point and move on.

How to reply to sms message on pc?

To reply to the message simply click in the Reply field, type your message and hit send (the paper plane) icon. That's it! In addition to text ...

Why can't i reply to a text message on my iphone?

Type your message. Tap to send. If you have an iPhone X or later, or an iPad with Face ID, and can't reply to a message from the Lock screen, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, and turn on Reply With Message.

What happens when you turn off group messaging on iphone?

When turned off: messages sent to multiple recipients are sent as individual messages. message recipients can only reply to the sender; they can't reply to the group or see the other message recipients.

What happens if i turn off mms messages?

When turned off: messages sent to multiple recipients are sent as individual messages. message recipients can only reply to the sender; they can't reply to the group or see the other message recipients.

How to reply to a message on instagram group chat?

Tap the Messenger icon at the top-right corner of the Instagram 'Home' tab. Open an individual conversation or group chat. Long-press the message you want to reply to and tap the “Reply” button at the bottom left. Type your response and tap Send.

How do you reply to a message on a smartphone?

Reply to a message ; Open the Chat app · or Gmail app "" . ; On the bottom, tap Chat · or Spaces Rooms . ; If you're in a space, below the message, tap Reply ·. ; Tap ...



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